We Honor Nature's Harmony
Through Our Partnership With The Land.

Pasture-raised foods you can eat with confidence

Our Journey Towards Sustainable Agriculture

As we continue on this venture with the land, we're committed to cultivating our farm with a deep respect for nature's inherent wisdom. Our mission is encapsulated in three core principles:

Safeguarding our environment
Producing superior quality products
Enhancing the lives of our animals

To protect our environment, produce a clean high quality product, and provide an enriched life for our animals is the goal.

The Early Days:

In 2013, Vicki and I found ourselves at the doorstep of an exciting new chapter in our lives. A house situated on land owned by good friends became our new home, marking the start of our farming journey. Together with the Malloy family, we co-founded Trailbale Farm in Tampa, FL.

We turned an eight acre business plot into a healthy food producing living system.

With the guidance of Polyface farm-like systems, we began to learn and grow organically. Our farm was home to laying hens, broilers, goats/sheep, holiday turkeys, and occasionally pigs. We even raised rabbits for a few years, but that didn't pan out.

These Days:

In August 2018, we embarked on a new journey. We relocated to Tracy's Landing, MD to live with family and establish our own farm. And thus, Morris Hill farm was born!

Now 2024, we have expanded from our home base and rent several farm plots nearby. We currently serve over 150 families weekly through several local farmers markets and farm pick ups. Continued growth is planned as we are expanding our farm-to-door home delivery to a bi-weekly service option. As we have been since the start, we are grateful to be in the position to raise animals to the best of our abilities and thankful to grow our farm to best serve our community.