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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your animals free range and happy?

Yes! Our farm utilizes portable electric fencing that allows us to regularly offer our flocks and herds fresh ground on a daily, bi-weekly or weekly basis. This provides our animals with constant access to fresh clean forage and allows the previous areas to rest and regenerate. Better for the land and animals.

Do you raise what you sell?

We currently raise chickens, turkeys, ducks, pigs, and sheep. We partner with a nearby farmer who raises grass-fed beef to the same quality we would if we had more time and land. 

Can I come to shop at your farm?

You can place an order online for farm pickup. Once your order is filled you can pick up at your convenience from our little farm store. There are a few smaller items such as snack sticks and t-shirts that you can add to your order at pickup. You cannot currently shop self-serve, but we hope to increase the available inventory to select from in the future.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do! Click Here for Delivery and Pickup Info.

Are your meats organic?

Simply put, no. We are not certified organic and do not plan to be. We source clean, locally milled non-gmo grains for our feed rations and we never use pesticides or herbicides on our land. Rotational grazing replaces the need for synthetic fertilizers and combined with natures sanitizer (sunshine) we have not needed to use antibiotics or medicines on our animals.

Are your meat and eggs soy-free?

Our free rations do contain a whole roasted soy bean. They do not contain processed soy such as soy-meal, soy-extract or soy-oil. In our opinion, processed grains should be avoided but the health benefits of the whole bean to our flocks outweighs any of the negative possibilities of soy. We have seen first hand the difference in the vitality and health of animals on a soy vs no soy diet. Many of our customers who have soy sensitivities share that our meat and eggs do not cause problems for them as well.

Do your animals receive grain?

Our poultry and pork have free access to a complete feed rations that allow them to stay healthy and thrive. The cows are purchased at anywhere from 8-18 months old and from that point are 100% grass fed until around 30 months of age and taken to butcher. Our lambs and sheep are given a small amount of grain daily although the bulk of their diet is comes from forage and rotational grazing.