We Practice Regenerative Agriculture.

Our goal is to protect our environment, produce a clean high quality product, and provide an enriched life for our animals.

Farming Protocols

Pasture and Forest Raised

We believe in giving our animals plenty of space to roam and graze in open pastures and forest. This not only results in healthier animals, but also helps us maintain sustainable and ethical farming practices. Depending on the animal, we practice daily, bi-weekly or weekly pasture rotations.
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Humanely Raised

We prioritize animal welfare and believe that happy, stress-free animals make for better meat. That's why we go above and beyond to create a comfortable, natural environment for us all.
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GMO Free Locally Milled Feeds

We're committed to raising our animals without feeding genetically modified organisms because we believe in providing you with the highest quality, healthiest products possible. We work closely with our local Amish feed-mil to ensure we provide a well rounded source of nutrients for our animals, which includes an organic Ferrell mineral mix.
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No Hormones or Steroids

Hormones or steroids never administered to animals. We believe in raising our animals naturally, without any artificial additives that could compromise their health or yours.
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No Antibiotics

We avoid using antibiotics in our farming practices, opting for natural methods of promoting animal health and wellness.
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No Spray

We take pride in using regenerative farming practices that avoid harmful pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals. By choosing our meat, you're supporting a more sustainable, eco-friendly agricultural system.
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